Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thoughts on the bus

I have said goodbye to the quinta once again. I boarded a bus and am now in Lisbon and flying to Scotland in the morning. I already miss the quinta. On the bus I thought about this past month and the Awakened Life Project and I was bubbling with joy. What a wonderful month, what a great project, and what beautiful people. I felt so much gratitude. Gratitude for this opportunity. Gratitude for the six people I lived with for the past month. Gratitude for gratitude's sake.

On the bus journey I started to feel sadness so I thought about the fact that I really haven't left the quinta, that it is still part of me, and I felt happy. I will take the quinta with me to Scotland, and wherever I go from there, and I will always be a part of the quinta. There is no need for sadness.

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