Saturday, May 1, 2010

In Scotland

I am in Scotland. After two plane delays, painful navigation through London Heathrow airport, and grueling customs lines I finally made it to Aberdeen from Lisbon. I was a bit nervous going through customs but I got through like a breeze. Passport stamped and I was on my way!

Once in Aberdeen I left the airport and went to the train station where I caught a train to Laurencekirk, the nearest station to the village of Fettercairn, where I am staying. The train ride was beautiful. Most of the ride went along the hills that spill into the sea. The sky was dark and stormy with patches of sunlight popping through which caused multiple rainbows. The hills were a rich green with blotches of yellow daffodil fields. Oh, Scotland is beautiful but I will have to get used to the cold and rain again after being in Portugal.

Back to fires in the stove during the day, two layers of clothes, sweaters, and a heavy coat. The sunburn I got on my back my last day working at the quinta is out of place here. I don't mind the cold though because the atmosphere is very warm.

I was welcomed by the members of the house where I will be living here in Scotland with friendliness and openness. I got to the house, sat down to a wonderful dinner, and then went to a local village for some entertainment. We went to a pub where local musicians where gathered and playing local Scottish folk songs. I drank a local ale, stomped my foot to the beat of the music, and felt happy. What a great way to be welcomed to Scotland!


  1. Your 5th country in 3 months, right?

  2. Let's see: USA, Ireland, Norway, Czech Republic, Austria, Portugal, and Scotland. Nope, 7.