Thursday, May 6, 2010

Can one really eat too much gooseberry crumble?

The farm in Portugal ate a raw food diet. When I started eating raw I was told that my body would have major side effects. I was warned that it could be painful or uncomfortable because the body would be detoxing all the poisons from my body. I eased into eating raw with no problems. I actually felt more vibrant and awake. Since arriving in Scotland, I have gone back to eating cooked food, and I can tell you that my body is having major side effects that are kind of painful and uncomfortable. My stomach won't stop rumbling and I won't even get into how much time I've spent in the bathroom. Oh, how I need more fresh, crisp, alive, good veggies and fruit to eat. I'm even eating a relatively healthy vegetarian diet here. Well, healthy besides all the leftover cakes brought back from the cafe that the house owns.

Which is a good segue into explaining my current living situation. I am volunteering for a community house that owns a cafe (the only cafe) in Fettercairn, a plot of land in the village where there is a garden, and just outside of town about 9 acres of woodland. So the idea is that the garden will provide healthy, organic food for the cafe and the space in the woods will be a nice area to spend some time. The garden is getting established, the cafe has been open for a month, and paths are being cleared in the woods. It's tranquil, it's peaceful, it's a nice project to help for a month.


  1. Depends, does it get an official "yummy sound"?

  2. Hell yeah, and I'm not partial to deserts myself...wait haven't we alread quoted this somewhere in this blog?

  3. You know, I think we did. How on Earth did we manage to do that?