Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Passionate about passion

I stumbled upon a guy I dated seven years ago on facebook, and we exchanged brief messages to catch up. I was happy to learn that he is pursuing a passion of his that I remembered him talking about when we were dating. It's good to see that after seven years he is still following his heart and going after his dreams. Could he say the same for me?

Wait, what was I even passionate about seven years ago? I had never gardened or had any idea to. I didn't know what herbalism was and would have scoffed at the idea of making medicine from plants. Seven years ago I was working the national park circuit working and partying. Partying and working. All I wanted to do was travel around the world. I wanted to be an adventurer.

So yeah, maybe he could say the same for me. I was passionate about traveling and still am. Cool. Ok, this makes me feel chipper. It's nice to say I am still pursuing a passion. I don't have to say that I am sitting in some cubical, staring out the office window with glazed over eyes, not seeing what is front of me but stuck in some paradise in my mind. Ewe, what a waste of time.

Listen up! This is to all of you sitting in some deadbeat job, loveless relationship, uninspiring, boring, tiring life, STOP! Calmly stand up, slowly walk out the door, and never turn back. This is your first moment of freedom. Let me say this again, THIS IS YOUR FIRST MOMENT OF FREEDOM!!!! Run down the sidewalks while laughing hysterically, shout from the rooftops, abandon your cars, have a dance party in the middle of the intersection, scream and yell with glee. There are no more excuses, no more avoidance's. This is it. Life! Live your life. The life you really want, the life you always dream about. The dreams you have when you are working a job you hate, during sleepless nights in a loveless bed, during all those mediocre moments that tick tock away.

What are you going to do? Where are going to go?

Good luck!


  1. Oh the poor, lowly cubicle. I can see a State skit where the cubicle is the one who escapes and runs down the street and goes on an adventure.

  2. You're on to something there.