Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stonehaven and ruined castles

Yesterday I was feeling grumpy about money and choose to spend most of the day inside the house. What a waste of time. I didn't come all the way to Scotland to sit in a house putzing around on the computer. In the scheme of things, how much is 10 pounds really? This is how much it cost me to hop on the train to the next station on the line, Stonehaven.

Wowzers, isn't Stonehaven beautiful? I walked from the train station to city center, the beach, the harbor, and along the sea cliffs to Dunnottar Castle. Dunnottar castle dates back to the 14th century. During the 12th century, before the castle was constructed, the site was a catholic settlement with stone chapels, and it is said that William Wallace set fire to a chapel here with a garrison of English soldiers taking refuge inside. Wow! What an experience to walk through the castle. It was absolutely stunning. We don't have this back in the States, do we?
After touring the castle I sat on the lush green cliffs to enjoy a thermos of tea and watched rain couds blow in from the sea. The wind was cold but refreshing. My god, is this real? Am I really doing this? As I sat and pondered this, I felt a settle happiness.


  1. I'm glad you had a change of heart. William Wallace! 50 men!

  2. Oh god, I was saying that in my head while I was walking to the castle. I was chuckling to myself.