Saturday, April 24, 2010


Ok, this past week has been interesting. I came back to the quinta to figure out what to do about this volcano disruption. Was this a blessing in disguise and should I stay at the quinta longer? Or was this just a delay and should I continue on to Scotland? Usually I would feel stress and anxiety about making decisions like this but strangely I didn't. I knew that if I just sat with these thoughts a decision would present itself.

I was painting the door for the yurt and I was thinking about how much I love the quinta, how much I like the people here, and how happy I am volunteering here but I know that it is time to move on as planned. I want to keep on traveling, meeting new people, and experiencing new things. I allowed myself freedom and to just be with my thoughts without pressure to make a decision and clarity came to me. I need to remember to slow down, just be with my thoughts without controlling them, and an answer will come to me. Ah, this is good.


  1. this was such a good reminder! Thank you, I'm gonna go walk in the park and try to listen to my heart...miss you madly!

  2. I miss you too! How are you? Fill me in sometime lovely lady.