Sunday, April 18, 2010

In Porto Again

My trip to Porto has ended up being kind of a waste of time. Or was it?

I got off the bus and learned that the latest update on my flight was that it was canceled. So, I was sitting in a hostel in Porto and laughed at the thought that I could be back at the Quinta hanging out with friends, reading, and taking it easy, but instead I was sitting in a youth hostel in the city. I really didn't need to take the bus here after all. I chose not think about all the money I am spending that I didn't need to spend and instead decided to think about what to do with this mini vacation that has presented itself. I walked out of the hostel into the breezy evening that smelled like the sea and rain. Where to go, what to do? I walked down to the river that ended up being a tourist haven. I groaned and started up side streets to get away from the tourists and get more into authentic Porto. I ventured up a small alley like street and was drawn to a little cafe where I decided to eat dinner. I ate mussels that melted in my mouth, followed by fresh fish from the sea, and a delicious Portuguese wine. Yes, I spent a lot more money than I would have if I had not come to Porto, but damn it, it was worth it!

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