Sunday, April 18, 2010

Leaving Portugal

Today was my scheduled last day at Quinta da Mizarela. I hugged everyone goodbye and boarded the bus knowing that this goodbye was not forever. I am too drawn to this little mountain farm in Portugal and hope to be back someday. I took the bus to Porto where my flight is scheduled to leave from. On the bus journey I thought of the wonderful people I met at the Quinta, I thought of the wonderful food I have consumed, I thought of all the clarity I have felt while being at the Quinta, I thought about how happy I have been feeling since arriving in Portugal. I felt a sadness at the thought of leaving the Quinta but I felt overwhelming happiness when I thought about all that has transpired in the past two week and was satisfied. As I was looking out the bus window at the passing vineyards I had an overwhelming emotion that I will be back someday.

When I got to the hostel in Porto I checked my flight information and saw that my flight has been canceled into the UK due to the volcanic disturbance from Iceland. Oh no! What to do? As of now, all flights are canceled until Wednesday evening. I mulled it over for a bit and my decision wasn't hard... I am going back to the Quinta! I am going to let all this volcanic ash blow over and book a flight next week. Or who knows, maybe I'll stay in Portugal even longer.

I knew I would be back!

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