Friday, May 7, 2010

American to British

I've been around quite a few Brits since I've come to Europe. I've lived with them in Czech Republic, Portugal, and of course, now in Scotland. There are many differences between American English and British English. I have posted some that I have come across in the past few weeks. Mind you, I am just posting word differences. I could go on with different expressions and such, but I'll let this appease you for now.

Underware/ pants
Pants/ trousers
Thrift store/ charity shop
Dumpster diving/ skipping
Cookie/ Biscuit
Drug store/ chemist's
French Fries/ chips
Wheat/ corn
Thread/ cotton
Trash/ rubbish
Yard/ garden
Sweater/ jumper
Freeway/ motorway
Diaper/ nappy
Gasoline/ petrol
Bar/ pub
Line/ queue
Flashlight/ torch
Trunk (of car)/ boot
Zucchini/ courgette
Eggplant/ aubergine
Bathroom/ loo


  1. Seems like the underware-pants-trousers thing could cause some fun confusion. I also like nappy. I'm going to start saying that.