Friday, May 7, 2010

Wrong size bike

I wished I had my bike today. My beautiful golden trek. I'm in Scotland and it's collecting cobwebs in my twins basement in Missouri. Oh well. Since I don't have my trusty 'ol bike, I made due with one that they have here. There are three bikes for volunteers. One was being used, one had busted tires, and the other was a bit big for me. I stroked my chin and wondered what to do. I looked out the window at the beautiful sun that was shining, which I haven't seen in a week, and I decided I would throw caution to the wind and ride the bike that was too big. It was actually quite dangerous to be roaming around the country roads on a bike where I couldn't sit on the seat and peddle at the same time, but I went slow and steady. I wouldn't say it was exactly fun to ride this bike, but it was surreal to feel the wind on my face as I coasted down the flat country road in Scotland. I mean, I'm in Scotland! Riding a bike. I passed horses, looked at the beautiful scenery, and enjoyed the cool sunny day.


  1. The horses are thinking, "Look at that fool on the huge bike."

  2. As well as all the people who drove past me. I must have been a site on this big bike wearing my green wellies and trousers covered in soil. Just your normal country scene.

    (did you see that I refrained from saying "pants". Soiled pants could mean something completely different here)

  3. Oh, close one. You could've had one of those incidents we were talking about on your hands.